RMR Adapter Plate

RMR Adapter Plate

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Explore precision optics with our versatile RMR Adapter Plate, crafted to seamlessly fit Holosun K Series, Sig Sauer Romeo Zero, Swampfox Sentinel, and Shield RMSC red dot sights. Elevate your shooting experience with a reliable and secure mounting solution, ensuring compatibility across multiple optics for enhanced performance and accuracy.



  • Holosun K Series
  • Sig Sauer Romeo Zero
  • Swampfox Sentinel
  • Shield RMSC



  • 4140 Steel / CNC Machining
  • Black Nitride Finish
  • Hardware Included



  1. Fasten plate onto the Glock Slide (FHCS 6-32)
  2. Place optic on the top surface of place.
  3. Fasten optic to plate (4-40 screws)
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