Warrior Systems Manufacturing Inc is a privately held firearms manufacturer in Ontario, California. The company
was born out of the need for something better; with attention to detail, superior materials, and manufacturing
capabilities, we set out to create a rifle with unmatched precision in mind. One year later, our concepts have
evolved, and the motto “There is no such thing as good enough” holds to the caliber of attention to detail we hold
in every Warrior Systems Product. This is how victories are won.

Our rifles have been showcased in publications like America’s 1st Freedom, recognizable within several civilian gun
shops, and even used by law enforcement professionals. We devote every day to delivering products with
unmatched quality, accuracy, and attention to detail a firearm professional to enthusiast would require. What sets
us apart is that we don’t just build rifles. We started the company to control every aspect we can, from concept,
R&D, machining to coating. This differentiates us from many companies within the industry, but we didn’t stop
there. This was only the start, as we now have over 40,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and hold AS9100D and
ISO 9001-2015 certificates.

These advantages will allow us to provide high-quality products at a great value. This means unmatched durability,
enhanced features, excellent design style, and a lifetime satisfaction guarantee for consumers. We love making
high-quality products, and every Warrior product goes out with the mindset of “This is how victories are won.”
Thank you so much to all our loyal customers and potential clients looking into the Warrior brand. We ask you to
stop by, find a dealer and become a Warrior.